Choreographic film in 7 acts, for 12 dancers.

Adapted to the stage in different formats.

« Every moment between the first glance and the last caress. Before saying (I love you) is a hymn to love, the love that is a tell of bodys, punctuated by the madness of words … ».In a love story, what precedes the confession is called seduction of the other, self-questioning, or even movement, the movement of a body and a heart mysteriously attracted like a star to the orb of the sun. It’s not even that we dare not say I love you, it’s just that the race towards the other takes us away, all this happens without the need for words, just looks, touches, and finally the rustling of two faces.

Cast : Elodie Allary, Jean-Gérald Dupau, Christophe Garcia, Paloma Lopez, Emma Michailesco, Niki Noves, Lalao Pham van Xua, Rares Uglean.
Direction & choreography : Niki Noves.
Original soundtrack : Julien Boulier, Nicolas Liebing, Niki Noves, Soizic Martin.
Shooting : Philippe Billault, Catherine Calvanus, Marlène Mauboussin, Niki Noves, Hazel Nut.

Creation 2017